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Commemoratives - General

Commemoratives - General

Commemoratives can cover anything from an anniversary of a historical event, or someone's life, through to the celebration of a current event such as a Wedding. Several such examples of recent bone china commemoratives that we have produced are shown below to give you some indication of what we might be able to do for you.

Charles Wesley commemorative plate

A beautiful plate that we designed to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the birth of Charles Wesley, the great hymn-writer. Many people have written and telephoned us to say that they couldn't help singing as they studied the artwork, and what pleasure it had given them . . .

Olympics 2012 - our Gold Medal Winners

All Gold Medal winners are featured on our Limited Edition mug

Falklands War commemorative plate

Bone china commemorative plate (27cm dia.) designed by a former Designer of Royal Crown Derby which we were asked to produce. A full explanation of all the figures is given in the Backstamp (on te Back of the Plate)

Nottinghamshire Police presentation plate

Retirement presentation plate, Nottinghamshire Police

Springett RN Grace Plate

Springett RN Grace Plate