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Personalised Gifts

Personalised Gifts

With all design, colour separation and printing under the one roof, we can readily and inexpensively personalise any item. We can design and produce the whole thing from scratch or, as we did here, we can take one of our stock items such as one of our own beautiful decorative plate designs and add the personalised inscription that you would like to have, turning it into a quite inexpensive but very personal gift or presentation item. Here now are a few such examples from the extensive range of items that we have produced - for you to consider for your own need.

A typical personalised bone china gift plate

If ever you have an occasion when you wish to make a gift or presentation and you would like it to be 'special' and which is 'really sure to please', then do call us. We have a small range of artworks such as the plate artwork that we show here that we painted particularly for such occasions, on which we will put that personal inscription that will convey your meaningful feelings

A very special retirement present

A 2-handled Loving Cup - a present to this gentleman on his retirement

A family tribute to a much-loved lady

A gift to family members and friends on the occasion of an 80th Birthday celebration