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With the flexibility of our operation which we have deliberately and specifically developed over the last thirty years or so, to design and manufacture bespoke product, you will not be surprised that we can offer you the widest possible range of tableware product, from the most luxurious of suites fit for regal banquetting through services for any family dining table to sturdy tableware for a restaurant such as this for the Clubhouse of the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. We also offer a limited array of high quality house patterns which you can purchase off-the-shelf.

Yacht bone china

Commissioned by the owner of a new yacht being constructed by renowned builders Cockwells of Mylor Bridge, Cornwall. We supplied the boatyard with blank items from the suite, only part of which is featured in this photograph, so that the cabinets could be designed with special fittings to snugly and securely contain each item.

Durable bone china tableware for a Restaurant

Part of a tableware suite for a high quality fish restaurant at the beautiful Cornish village of Porthleven. Design and edge-lining in (true) cobalt blue which is particularly durable as on our firing at over 1000°Centigrade the cobalt oxide actually dissolves into the underlying clear glaze to give the characteristic deep blue of stained glass windows. Eminently suitable for commercial dishwasher use.

Birthday gift from private family

This tableware suite was purchased as a special family gift by separate orders which we received from the various members of the family.

Our Diamond Chain luxury bone china tableware

Designed by John, and printed complete with full raising with gold paste by Stewart, this luxury pattern is available with or without Monogram or similar, and in  colourway of choice

Regimental tableware suite

An elegant bone china suite featuring the Regiment's crest in Gold and Platinum metals, and edge-lined with hand-brushed platinum metal

Banquetting suite

Items from a luxurious banquetting suite with a simple but very elegant freize in best burnished gold, superbly silk-screen printed by Stewart

Monogrammed bone china tableware

Attractively monogrammed tableware suite for a private family


Enlargement of our attractive J&A monogram

Re-opening of Kew Palace

We were honoured with the production of a range 'Presentation Plates' or 'Chargers' which featured on the Royal Palace's dining table on the occasion of the Dinner for HM The Queen hosted by Prince Charles to mark the Re-opening of Kew Palace after substantial refurbishment. This was one of the 32cm diameter chargers