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A small selection of our photographs of bone china trophies specially and uniquely designed for particular competitions - trophies that the winning competitors KEEP. And are these treasured? - I'll say they are - we receive many calls and emails of delight and thanks!!!

Photographic competition - Winner's trophy plate

A wonderful photograph supplied by this Natural History Society, certainly one of the most beautiful photographs we've ever had supplied to us, and one which as is clearly visible here, we've succeeded in reproducing with great accuracy of detail and colour. The plates we supplied were finished off with hand-brushed gold lines at adge.

Bone china prize plate for a runner-up

An absolutely beautiful photograph is the feature for this trophy plate, one which we have reproduced with stunning accuracy

Royal Cornwall Show trophy plate

One of the hundred or so plates that we produce annually for the prestigious Royal Cornwall Show, very highly prized. We have been honoured to be invited to produce these plates every year since 1993. Every year we make the design slightly different which intensifies the competition for them no end . . .

YHA Sailing Club of the Year trophies

Beautiful small keepsake trophies for RYA's Club of the Year, Hollowell Sailing Club near Guisborough, Northants. This young lady sailer won four of the Club's extensive list of year-round competitions

Frankie & Benny's Restaurants

For this type of Trophy which is awarded at irregular intervals, we print a small batch of the base decals without the name of the winning restaurant which we apply and fire ready on to the plates ready to accept the freshly-printed name of the Award Winner as and when Frankie & Benny let us know

Budgerigar Society

Trophies for a small Budgerigar Society