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Mug designing - How we do it, together

Mug designing - How we do it, together

We work with our Customers to produce their designs. Whatever the format of your artwork, send it to us in the best possible quality you can, by email or post. If in any doubt, or if you need any help, do give us a call and we'll talk you through whatever is necessary . . .

As you will see in many of the examples on our pages here, we frequently undertake quite complex artworks. Some that are constructed on their Macs or PCs by experienced professional Graphics Artists are complete and nominally 'camera-ready', but at least 50% of our Customers submit artwork or artwork components with or without a specification for us to complete. But irrespective of whether they are apparently 'camera-ready' or not, ceramic printing is not so simple that we can produce our decals with just a few clicks on a mouse. In all cases, our first step is to complete the construction within our template for the chosen Mug, which we usually then send as a visual to Customer to check that we're on the right track. Producing a fully fired pre-production sample is expensive, so such a visual, possibly with a tweak or two based on the criticism that we receive back from Customer, is invariably sufficient. In the case of the Agapanthus design for Eden Project shown here, we actually submitted fired colour swatches for approval before we commenced our precision screen-printing. The final result was outstanding - see Testamonial that we received following delivery . . .


Sometimes we recommend a change

Artist Louise first requested that the text story should be printed in white against a Black background. From there we together re-styled her beautiful artwork with the accompanying story in such a way that it's exciting and you want to read it through to the end. We've already received several re-orders.