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Bone china mugs with your own design

Bone china mugs with your own design

If you're an Artist or Graphics Designer yourself (not necessarily an expert) then we can produce your own design on bone china mugs. Irrespective of the quantity you require, and of whether you intend them to be for personal use, or for business promotion, fund-raising, shop sales, commemorative or purely functional, we will decorate every piece to the highest pottery industry decoration standards. (Please note - we do not apply any of our decorations by dye-sublimation or any other non-ceramic technique.)

Your decoration will pass through our Repro team to our Printing Department for printing as ceramic transfers or decals. We make fullest use of the available decorating area, and we can print the decals with any number of colours via our own precision silk-screen techniques which we have developed continuously over more than 35 years, or with our tightly-technically-controlled digital printing techniques, as we consider most appropriate for your artwork. All our decoration firing is carried out in one of our electric kilns on-site here in Cornwall at well over 800┬░Centigrade. All our product is dishwasher-safe, and unless gold or platinum metals form part of the decoration, they are perfectly microwave-safe too.

Please refer to the 'How we do it - together' page for advice on how to submit your design to us.

Our mug shapes


Colourful peppers for Eden Project

Superbly silk-screen printed by Stewart Chown from a beautiful artwork from Eden Project's artist.

Artist Pam Hogg

A simple but eye-catching Rio Mug for London-based artist Pam Hogg.

Ash Mug with Lobster for Rick Stein

A large Ash Mug that we produce for Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant. Accurately-drawn artwork supplied, which Stewart's precision silk-screen printing reproduces with great accuracy and impact.

From a woodcut

One of a series of Balmoral Mugs that we produce for an artist specialising in woodcuts. Scans of his woodcut were supplied.

A complex painting

This Customer's artwork was quite difficult to reproduce because of the variety of tones, complex from our ceramics viewpoint because of the colour limitations that we face - but we got there . . .

Fifteen Cornwall

A Tulip Mug which we've very recently produced for Jamie Oliver's 'Fifteen Cornwall' restaurant above the beach at Watergate Bay, a few miles up the coast from Newquay. Silk-screen-printed with precision for maximum visual impact.

For a Celebration

We don't know what the celebration at this Company, well-known for its award-winning speciality chutneys, mustards and preserves, was - but each employee was given one of these beautifully-designed Balmoral Mugs, each one of which we personalised with his/her name. It must have made them very proud.