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Shapes - Bone China Mugs

Of the 30-40 different mug shapes that we use, the ones we use most frequently are shown below. Of these, we find the most popular to be the Balmoral, Lyric, Castle and Topaz. If you scroll on down, you'll find that we list their dimensions and the sizes of our design templates so that you can draft up a rough sketch of your desired layout, or if you wish you can put together your own complete design to submit to us. Please work to these templates as your working maximum unless we advise you otherwise.

Right at the bottom are a few words of advice . . .





Balmoral Castle (a Large Balmoral) Osborne (Small Balmoral)
 DSC 4999 RLMug
Lyric Can  RL


 Topaz  Marlborough  Opal


 DSC 1857 Duchess  DSC 1844 Marquee  
King mug   Marquee mug  
 2-handled Loving Cup    
 DSC 1847 Tankard    
Tankard ¾pint Tankard 1pint  


ShapeHeight (mm)Top dia.Btm.dia.CapacityTemplate
Balmoral 83 75 74   Rectangle 207x77mm
Lyric 97 74 72   Rectangle 204x85mm
Castle         Rectangle 240x87mm
Topaz 91 71 66   Rectangle 193x83mm
Trent 109 79 70   Rectangle 203x90mm
Marlborough 96 83 77   Rectangle 215x80mm
Opal 102 76 70   Rectangle 198x85mm
Rio 103 80 60   Call us for advice
Emerald 98 80 54   Call us for advice
King 112 76 55   Call us for advice
Marquee 108 86 59   Call us for advice
Loving Cup (2-H) 85 79 80   2xRectangles 90x62mm
Large Balmoral 89 90 89   Rectangle 250x82mm
RL 107 99 92   Rectangle 268x96mm
Tankard 1pint 117 91 99   Rectangle 244x88mm
Tankard ¾pint 93 92 93   Rectangle 243x68mm

Points to bear in mind when designing:

1. The Face of the mug is to the RIGHT of your rectangle template, and the Back is to the LEFT.

2. No pottery mugs are perfectly cylindrical (otherwise they wouldn't drop out of the moulds) so please talk with us if your design requires very exact dimensional accuracy, particularly if you include unbroken straight lines at top or bottom. We will usually be able to give you a high-accuracy template, or we can make any essential conversion for you. Maybe we might even try to persuade you to adopt an approach which is more practical from our point of view . . . !!!!!! We're friendly folk . . .

3. Likewise, please let us know if you wish to use Rio, Emerald, King, Duchess, Marquee or RL shapes so that we can provide you with the most suitable template for your particular design.