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Bone china mugs that we design to your specification

Bone china mugs that we design to your specification

We produced the complete artwork for this beautiful annual Trophy, including John's pencil sketch of the thatched cottages, according to Customer's instructions. Every year we change the background to a new colour, which adds greatly to the competition for them!!!

For the majority of the day-by-day projects that we tackle, our Customers send in most but not all of the components of the final artwork. This is where we can help. It may be just simple re-positioning to fit the chosen Mug shape that is required, but more often we receive various images, requests and instructions which we follow to complete the artwork to Customer's approval. It's usually best to give us a call to discuss your needs - please do so, we're here to help. We can then ensure that together we produce just what you want, a product of which we can both be proud, which is fully practical from our manufacturing viewpoint, and which is beautiful with maximised viability for you.

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One of our favourites . . .

This is one of our thousands of Mug designs that we like to show. The Blue text and titles offset so very well the Black of the beautiful pencil sketches drawn by John Chown from photographs supplied By Customer. A very complete design, making this an excellent fund-raising product.

Commemorative mug for the Methodist Recorder newspaper

Methodist Recorder supplied the main image and historical text, and other images for the accompanying Plate too, from which we then put together the design for their approval.

One-off Diamond Wedding Anniversary gift

Our Minimum Order quantity is ONE. This is typical.

Charles Wesley's House, Bristol

Also at Bristol is the house of the prolific hymn-writer Charles Wesley. We designed this frequently re-ordered Mug and other items some years ago in collaboration and with the guidance of the Curator at the New Room.

John Wesley's New Room, Bristol

Our design for the famous New Room at Bristol, the South of England headquarters of John Wesley, founder of Methodism.

Masonic Lodge, Ladies Night gift

Produced a few years ago now, but a typical example of a gift that will be treasured that we can put together at short notice. It features a simple watercolour by Customer's wife, making it very personal to those who received one of these Mugs.