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Artists and Designers

Artists and Designers

Artists can be most demanding, frequently requiring features that keep us at the forefront of our Industry's technical developments. "Can we do it? - Yes we can" is almost becoming a motto for us too. A very small selection of the designs of artists we work with follows . . .

Keith Pirie

So simple, but beautifully drawn, this is proving an excellent seller for Scottish artist Keith

Clair Roberts

Cornish artist Clair asked if we could reproduce her outstanding acrylics on china. Being immediately impressed, we asked straightaway if we could feature her work on a full tableware range, and other ranges of her work too. Click link at Top to our Factory Shop to see lots more, and purchase . . .

Mandi Baykaa-Murray

We were so delighted with Mandi's paintings of Birds of Prey and other subjects that we asked if we may feature them also on our Factory Shop website (click link button at top of screen to see more of her beautiful work on our china.

Tim Wayne's woodcuts

Tim Wayne's woodcuts have been a delight to have put on to mugs. Very attractive.

Audrey Slorance

Audrey Slorance's paintings are full of vibrant colour, difficult but we're proud to have succeeded in reproducing this - perhaps not with 100% accuracy of tone because of the limitations of ceramic colour technology, but acceptable to our Scottish artist Customer just the same

Ruth Jen

One of a series of mugs that we produce for Welsh artist Ruth Jen. Her designs look so simple that at first sight you think "I could do that" - but then you look more closely and see that every stroke of her pen reveals the thoughts of each of her Welsh Ladies. Then it's a case of "I wish I could draw like that!"