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Photographs showing a typical range of bone china mugs with bespoke designs that we have specially produced during the last year or two for Customers - to give you some ideas on the scope of possibilities and what you can ask us to do for you - for your fund-raising, for your promotion, for your tea room, for your shop sales - whatever it is that you are seeking to do. All of these mugs have been decorated via the manual application of ceramic decals waterslide transfers), followed by firing at above 800°C for everlasting permanence and outstanding dish-washer resistance. All of these Mugs, including that for Torch Trust, feature extremely delicate precision-printed halftone printing of these decals, a Chown China speciality developed over many years' research, giving beautiful rendering of a full range of tones of each colour printed. All Chown China's decal printing is carried out day in, day out, with this same high degree of precision and attention to detail, and when combined with the high quality in-house artistry, the resulting product is unmatched for value-for-money.

St Michael's Hospital, Hayle

A set of small plates for inexpensive presents that can be purchased at the Gift Shop attached to this hospital.

Kinango School, Kenya

Balmoral Mug for fundraising in aid of Kinango School, Kenya

Kisumu Children Trust

Beautiful montage of photographs superimposed over a page from an old school atlas of John's (Yes, very old) to show the location of Kisumu on the Equator in Kenya. Successful fund-raiser.

Kisumu Children Trust

A second mug that we have produced for this charity, for the school sited right on the Equator in Kenya


A Topaz Mug for the charity Christian Help In Cornwall.