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City, Town, and Parish Councils

City, Town, and Parish Councils

We are of course well-known to Councils large and small throughout the UK for our Royal Commemoratives, but we show here some examples of how we can assist Councils in other ways - for citizenship awards, twinning gifts, special presentations, etc.

A special Presentation gift from a City Council

We produced this beautiful 36 x 25cm Dish at very short notice. Precision printing.

Citizenship award from a District Council

We personalised these Plates with the Recipient's name and achievement in Gold (metal) for each award

Restoration Project at Margate

One of several items we produced in mid-2013 in support of a Restoration Project

Presentation Tyg (3-handled Loving Cup)

We were honoured to be asked to produce this superb 3-handled Loving Cup, normally termed a Tyg, one of our own exclusive items that we reserve for really special occasions. This body of this item is 15cm dia. x 16cm high, and this face features one of John's watercolour paintings.

Twinning gift

The second face of this Tyg, showing the main inscription detail

A Tyg Twinning presentation item

The third face of this Tyg - another of John's watercolour paintings from photograph supplied

Twinning Presentation Cup from a Town Council

An example of a 2-handled Trent Loving Cup being used as the base for a simple but classy Twinning Presentation item. We are frequently asked to produce such items at quite short notice.

Presentation from a Town Council

The rear face of the preceding Presentation cup

Library, treasured item

A mug potraying an item of significant interest at a Library

Fundraising mug for Parish Council

To help the local fundraising by a small Parish Council

Royal Golden Jubilee mug

Royal commemorative with Town crest, and in one of the two popular styles of artwork that we used in 2003

Golden Jubilee Mug (2003)

Typical Royal commemorative for a Welsh Council's gifts, back in 2003