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Shapes - Plates

Plates are either Rimmed or Coupes (without a raised rim). They are available in a range of sizes. Additionally, there are Oval plates (Oval Platters or Oval Dishes), Square plates with either sharp or rounded corners, and others with irregularly-shaped outer edges (usually referred to as having scallopped edges).

We show below a small selection of the shapes and sizes that we used . . . Naturally the members of each family look almost identical - until they're decorated . . .



Coupe Plates 

 Coupe Plate31.5cm  Coupe Plate 26cm  Coupe Plate 22cm  
 Rimmed Plates      
 Oval Platter 40x30cm  Rimmed Plate 32cm  Rimmed Plate 27cm  
 Miniature Plate 8cm