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Plates with your own design

Plates with your own design

This large 31.5cm diameter plate is a reproduction of similar plates individually hand-painted in ceramic colours by this Artist. She came to us with her set of such plates but also a portfolio of her artworks painted in acrylics on paper. We were so impressed that we invited her to let us feature her work as a full tableware range, and having agreed the arrangements you will find this fully featured on our Factory Shop website.

Bone china is unique in commercial pottery production in that, somewhat by fortunate accident of its reactive high temperature chemistry, if fired correctly under extremely tight control such as we apply, it affords the greatest vibrancy of fired colour to the on-glaze decoration. This is apparent on mugs, but is most obvious on plates and other large items.

One of our many highly-treasured Trophy Plates

We are very proud to have been associated with the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association since 1993. Every year since then we have produced approximately 100 Trophy Plates such as this for their prestigious Royal Cornwall Show, each year with a different but complimentary design, and with each plate separately personalised for the main competition events. Silver trophies have to be returned by each Winner, but our Plates are retained - very, very highly treasured and very proudly displayed . . .

For a long-established Merchant

A business promotional plate emphasising the experience, product range and long-established stability of this Customer. And a reminder that plates come in a variety of shapes and sizes - they can be oval and square, even squarer than this one, as well as circular, and they can be rimmed and without rims (which we term 'coupe plates').

An early digitally-printed plate for Australian artist

We produced this Artist's plate a few years ago, one of our first attempts at ceramic digital printing, and have to admit that it is lacking in the vibrancy that the high quality artwork deserved. Our techniques and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds since then.

Artist - Ben Maile

One of a set of outstanding works of art by internationally-acclaimed artist Ben Maile that we reproduced for him some 20 or so years ago for sale in his Galleries.

Business Promotional Plate for Euravia

A superbly-designed montage displaying the scope of Euravia's service to the aero-engine industry. Design supplied via email, which we reproduced on Coupe Plates 23cm.

Artist - Abigail Lane

A Coupe Plate 26cm and Teacup & Saucer featuring Circus-based designs, part of a set by artist Abigail Lane. Basic designs sent in by email. We completed the red segments background to her specification.