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Plates which we design for you

Plates which we design for you

This is just one of a large series of 27cm diameter rimmed plates (dinner plates) commissioned from us by an American retailer. The full design of each plate was drawn by hand by John and Stewart Chown working from photographs and photocopies supplied by Customer, assembled, and printed in true in-glaze cobalt blue, and fired at a temperature in excess of 1000┬░Centigrade.


A personalised Baptismal bone china gift plate

The base design of this beautiful plate was painted for us some years ago by the late Elizabeth Foster, a well-known Cornish artist and teacher who worked for us for several years. It is one of a number of our base designs that we have painted or sketched over the last 30 or so years that we can adapt to make into an inexpensive yet totally exclusive personalised gift item. If you need something of thsi nature - just ask . . .

One-off commemorative Birth Plate from a proud Grand-father

An outstanding example of a one-off gift to celebrate the birth of a grand-child, destined to be a family heirloom. Every single component of the design is relevant to this infant's family background.

Helston, Cornwall - tourist souvenir plate

Another plate featuring watercolour paintings of some of the landmarks of Helston, Cornwall, by John. Designed for and supplied exclusively to Helston retailer Joy Williams for their year-round souvenir sales.

Oval Dish 40cm for Shooting Party