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Plate designing - How we do it together

Plate designing - How we do it together

This item is a small 10cm diameter shallow bone china dish or coaster. Here, Customer supplied the central image as a graphics file, and the required text, by email. From this we produced a visual which we submitted for approval, and as this was a large order, we subsequently also supplied a fully fired item for final approval too.

Commemorative Plate for a Regimental Museum

An outstandingly beautiful bone china plate where the design is largely based on a surviving original plate at the Bodmin museum of the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. As the museum is only 35 miles from us, we photographed the original ourselves, and then constructed our design of this plate which we subsequently silk-screen printed.

Presentation Plate

Without digging the file back out of our archives, we believe we produced two Presentation Plates and half-a-dozen others without any personalised inscriptions for the much-celebrated London Emmanuel Choir, unfortunately now disbanded. We were sent a photograph (a 10" x 8" print, because this was before the introduction of digital cameras), and from this Stewart ran off his magnificent silk-screen prints. If we had to undertake a similar project today, we would almost certainly recommend to Customer that the inscription should be in colour rather than in Gold metal as we used here (sorry if it's difficult to see, but it is real gold - please accept that this is a 2003 photograph taken with real film!), so enabling us to print digitally. We do still print complex artworks including precious metals, platinums and golds, together with umpteen colours by silk-screen if needed, but the costs incurred are increasing . . .  We apply our gold and colour edge-lining by brush, by hand.

Celebrating an Anniversary

If you have an artist who can paint or sketch the component subjects of your item, this will usually produce a final product that will have enhanced aesthetic appeal and viability. To produce this plate's design we were provided with photographs, some of which we have used direct, and some from which John has painted the subjects in watercolour before final assembly on the computer.

Conference souvenirs

We have been honoured to have been invited to design and produce souvenir items such as these for the annual Methodist Conferences for the last fifteen years or so. To produce this bone china Plate and Mug, we were provided with the Conference logo as a .jpg file together with photographs of the churches in which the Ordinations were to take place. John has sketched these in pencil, assembled the design and, after approval, Stewart has silk-screen printed the decals from which Heather and one of our out-workers have decorated these treasured items.

Trophy - Royal Cornwall Show

We are extremely proud to have supplied the Trophy Plates for each of the 100 or so Winners and Champions of this prestigious Agricultural Show every year since they first commissioned us back in 1993. Each year we modify the basic theme design with a different styling for the Rim, or a different colouring so that no two year's trophies have been the same. Having been personally thanked by so many of the recipients of these plates, which each of them retains as opposed to the silver trophy which they also receive but which they must return for the next year's winner, we know that they are very highly prized and are proudly displayed in their homes.

One-off Birth Plate

Each new grand-child of this family receives a Plate such as this we design according to the instructions we receive. The plates have a common honeycomb and bees border on the rim, but otherwise each of the other components are specific to the child. A gorgeous gift to be treasured for life.

Hotel's Christmas Gift

A beautiful small 17cm Plate gift from a Hotel to Guests at Christmas. Here we put together a design with a watercolour painting (John's) of the popular approach view of the Hotel and a frieze on the plate rim based on the attractive panelling in the hotel's famous music room.