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Bone china tableware to your own design

Bone china tableware to your own design

A simple but extremely durable tableware suite for Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. The crest and hand-brushed line at edge are in true in-glaze cobalt blue, fired at over 1000┬░Centigrade to yield a product that should withstand regular use for hundreds of years.

Bone china tableware for 18 Signals Regiment

Regimental crest printed in gold and platinum metals forms the basis of this particularly attractive tableware suite.

Bone china tableware for London retailer

Dinner Plate 27cm, the lead item in a tableware suite designed by Allegra Hicks for sale in her London shop.

Tableware for 11th Signals Regiment

Part of the suite in the Regiment's colours, with crest.

A private tableware order

Typical supreme quality bone china tableware suite in flat best burnished gold metal. 'Flat' means the gold metal effectively sits on top of the clear glaze of the item (without any raising with 'gold paste' underneath which gives an embossed effect, and 'best burnished gold' means that we used a very high percentage of gold in the layer we printed, and which required hand-burnishing with burnishing sand to cold-weld the metal to produce its characteristic shine.

Charger plate design by Allegra Hicks, for Cartier

31.5cm diameter charger plate designed by Allegra Hicks which we silk-screen printed in gold and platinum (we don't use silver metal in ceramics as it would oxidise away during firing).

Plates for Cartier

Just part of an order from designer Allegra Hicks, destined for Cartier, ready on the bench for final inspection and packing.