Mug Shapes

The Balmoral, Topaz, and Lyric mug shapes are our standard priced mugs.  The Chester, Osborne and Trent Tankard are priced as larger mugs, other shapes are available for special order.

All mug shapes are available for ceramic silk-screen printing -  for dye sublimation printing the Balmoral, Topaz, Lyric and large Balmoral are available plus the earthenware Durham and Sparta.

The template sizes are slightly smaller for the sublimation printing due to the transfer being a different medium.


Please note that no china mug is perfectly cylindrical and due to the nature of china these dimensions are approximate. 

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One of our best selling mugs. The Balmoral is used as a standard sized for pricing.
Our large version of the Balmoral mug.
Loving Cup
Beautifully made double handled tankard - ideal for christenings, gifts, and commemorative events
Taller and narrower than the Balmoral. The Lyric is very popular for full wrap designs.
One of our larger mug shapes, available as a special order .
One of more unusual mug shapes, available as a special order . Please note that the area available for decoration is limited due to the curve of the mug.
One of our larger mug shapes, available as a special order .
A double espresso sized mug, great for those who like a very small mug or for children.
Large, straight English made mug. Simple
The RL stands for Ralph Lauren, a VERY large mug that holds nearly a pint.
The daintiest of our mugs, ideal for those who do not like a large heavy mug or for children.
Trent Tankard
Our smallest tankard shape - great for presentations, and commemorative or classical designs
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