Printed Ceramics

since 1973.


About us

Living on a small farm in the heart of Cornwall, the Chown family work out of their workshop with clients ranging from independent artists, churches, charities and  small businesses to international retailers and   high society for over 40 years.

Whilst there's always the option to use a 'fast-food' style service from our competitors, we believe in taking the artisan approach to every project, big and small whilst still being cost effective. We believe this gives us an edge in quality and service that is hard to beat.






With over 35 years silk screen printing experience the vibrant colours, flexibility  and permanence of ceramic colour make this process a great option for everyone . 


Dye Sublimation

Printed in specialised inks rather than ceramic colour dye sub is perfect for multi colour designs, prototyping products or personalised gifts as well as promotional mugs. Earthenware and bone china mugs available.

DSCN3286 Spirit BalMug.jpg

Digital Ceramic Printing

For those who want multi coloured designs but also want their mugs kiln fired we offer digital printing.

We fit your design to the mugs then use the UK's leading digital ceramic printing company to produce the transfers, we then hand decorate and kiln fire your mugs.