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Our Services

What We Can Do

We can put your designs or photographs on virtually anything, be it mugs, coasters, clocks, acrylic blocks, plates, T shirts, cushions, tea towels, notebooks to name a few. For personalised items, promotional ceramics, gifts and clothing , click on our Hope Farm & Co Online Print Shop for more details and drop us an email at to discuss how we can help.


Promotional Mugs and Other Items

We understand that promotional items need to be cost-effective and produced quickly and we have the experience and equipment to get the job done.  We are competitive with the larger printing companies and only use base products that are high quality so that even if your mug or coaster is cost-effective enough to give away,  you are not compromising on quality or price.


Ceramic Screen Printing

Our experience in printing everything from raised gold dinner services for Royalty and banqueting tableware for the Armed Forces to designer plates for celebrities and personalised mugs for school leavers enables us to be able to advise and produce any type of ceramic printing. If you want artisan produced tableware we are one of the few companies that can provide this service in the UK, but we take the same care in producing a one off personalised  mug for an online customer.


Personalised Gifts

We can produce all types of gifts and favours for many occasions, whether school leavers with the Class of 2022 on the back of a sweatshirt, or signs for weddings, printed favours, your imagination is the only limit. Photo gifts are also available. We can bring the personal touch and bring your design to life on many gifts


Taking your designs to the marketplace

We have worked with artists for many years, and now we can offer to print your designs on ceramics, tea towels, cushions, garments and other gift items. With the dye sublimation process we can take your art and work with you to get the design to look its best on whichever medium you choose.


Commemorative Items

After having produced over 30,000 jubilee mugs in the first part of 2022, and similar quantities of other commemorative items over the years, we know how much commemorative memorabilia means to people. Whether it is a club anniversary, or commemorating a particular event, we work with the military, clubs, councils and other organisations to produce items they are proud to present.


Screen Printing Courses

We have been asked numerous times over the years to run courses, ranging from basic screen printing on a frame to ceramic screen printing using either a hand press or semi-automatic printing machine.

We are now planning to run the first introduction to screen printing course in October 2022.  Please contact us for details.

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