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Ceramic Screen Printing

Our experience in printing everything from raised gold dinner services for Royalty and banqueting tableware for the Armed Forces to designer plates for celebrities and personalised mugs for school leavers enables us to be able to advise and produce any type of ceramic printing. If you want artisan produced tableware we are one of the few companies that can provide this service in the UK, but we take the same care in producing a one off personalised  mug for an online customer.

Promotional Mugs


Whilst we focus on hand screen printed items or digital kiln fired mugs, we can still offer both bone china and earthenware  mugs that are decorated in bright dye sublimation inks and heat treated. 

This process produces high quality print, durable to over 1000 cycles in a domestic dishwasher and are more affordable than kiln fired products.

On receiving an enquiry we will advise as to which process will best suit your design and budget.

We work with a partner company to supply dye sublimation and promotional mugs.


Commemorative Items

After having produced over 50,000 jubilee and coronation  mugs in 2022 and 2023 and similar quantities of other commemorative items over the years, we know how much commemorative memorabilia means to people. Whether it is a club anniversary, or commemorating a particular event, we work with the military, clubs, councils and other organisations to produce items they are proud to present.

Screen Printing Tuition

Whilst we do not run formal screen printing courses we are pleased to be able to offer one to one tuition on ceramic screen printing .

Please contact Stewart at for more information.

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